First Choice Logistics continues to be one of the nation’s largest growing freight brokerage companies; by provided unmatched brokerage services that are second to none in the industry. Being in existence since 2007, First Choice Logistics partners with Americas best carriers and shippers to get customers their items on time. When moving freight within the US, First Choice is the only choice for the best service and standard.



First Choice Logistics is a nationwide logistics company providing a unique service to meet the needs of both customers and couriers. Bringing a one of a kind brokerage service with a database of shippers and manufacturers. As our name suggests we should be your first choice! Why you might ask, well we are a nationwide logistics company providing services such as brokerage, database manufacturers and not forgetting our 24/7 operations to move freight are just some of the reasons you should join our growing company whether as a customer or courier. First choice logistics has been around eleven years and still going strong so join our family because we are the perfect fit for you.